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The HardSID project (fwd)

Marko Mäkelä-2
Among the spam (about 10-20 messages), I found this advertisement that
might be of interest to you.

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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 01:02:24 PST
From: Sandor Teli <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]
Subject: The HardSID project


We (Hard Software) have almost finished our HardSID card
for the PC which is based on the C64's SID 6581 chip.
It will be totally FREE for people to get the files from us,
and bulild their own C64 sound hardware. (A lot of people
wants us to build and sell them HardSIDs, we hope it will be
an optional way to get their HardSID cards.)

We think that the most "fanatic" C64 fans at the PC (hust like us!)
wants to listen the cool SID musics
on a real Commodore64. We hope, that you agree with this, and
you understand this feeling.

Ofcourse we've made a player utility for it with built-in
6510 processor emulation, but:

The authors of   CCS64 - SidPlay - Come Back 64   are ready now
to implement the HardSID support in their poular products!
 MIDI driver will be available too.
This card is very cool, totally freeware, and brings back the original
SID to the PC.

We'd like to ask you to let your readers know about HardSID, and
transmit the HardSID feeling to others!

Download the HardSID's MP3 samples: 
We are wainting for your answer.
 The final HardSID card is coming soon!!!!

Téli Sándor, Hard Software

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