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Super*Tool disassebled?

Francesco Messineo
Hi all,
some time ago, I posted the content of an EPROM I found in my 3032
when I was repairing it.

It's basicly a DOS wedge, so I've come to use it often, it's started
by SYS37000 and works with BASIC-3.
However, if there's something in the $B000 socket, even a blank EPROM,
after the SYS37000 it just prints its banner then hangs the PET. Did
anyone maybe already disassemble it (I think someone did back then)
and can tell me why it acts so "strangely"? Or just send the code to

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perfect option rom-set for 30xx

Hi, I just repaired my 3008 and installed a great option rom set.
$9000: The great Micromon
$A000: Picchip (graphics extension) + Micromon plus (some exxtension+
$B000: PAICS Toolkit (2kB) + Superchip (Fish n chips - a superchip-version
moved to B800)

I modified superchip:
Now I'm able to start superchip Controlkeys+Paics Toolkit+Micromon's
DOS-Wedge with one sys.

If I need Micromon and/or Picchip I start them with a sys. It all runs

The dos wedge shows dirs + has dos-commands like >$ / >S:file
I have a key repeat
I have some useful commands: auto delete find dump trace step
I have several basic-command-shorts with run/stop (ctl-key) and a letter.
Many editor extension like ctl-del, ctl ins = del/insert line...

Micromon is a great fully equipped monitor with assembler/disassembler,
hunt, fill, conversion, floppy commands
Picchip draws graphics with graphics-caracters - funny ;)


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RE: perfect option rom-set for 30xx

Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud)
Hallo Christian,

> Hi, I just repaired my 3008 and installed a great option rom set. ....

Can the BINs be downloaded somewhere?

Met vriendelijke groet / With kind regards, Ruud Baltissen

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