PET Zork working under VICE and BASIC 2.0

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PET Zork working under VICE and BASIC 2.0

Ethan Dicks-2

Thanks to all who offered to test my port of Zork I to the PET.  As a
result of those tests, I decided the quickest course of action to unjam
the project was to port it to BASIC 2.0 from BASIC 4.0 because of lighter
use of the zero page.  I can now announce success.  It works under VICE,
so I expect it to work under the real hardware, too.

You will need a 32K PET with BASIC 2.0 ROMs (3032, 32K 2001, etc.) and
a 170K floppy drive (3040, 4040, 2031).  The *temporary* URL of the
binaries is  Eventually,
when all is working, I will be releasing this as a patch to the original
Infocom disks.  Therefore, please do not widely circulate this URL.  Consider
it a public beta, not a full release.


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