PET Editor ROM update - 35 lines on 8296

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PET Editor ROM update - 35 lines on 8296

Steve Gray
Hi All,

I've been playing with 8296 screen parameters. Knowing the 8296 has additional screen ram I thought I would see how much I could push the screen. I managed to get a 90x36 character screen perfectly stable. I know 90 characters per line is not that useful so I also generated an 80x35 screen. This gives a little border in case some 8296 machines' screens are adjusted differently. 

Once I confirmed the screen was usable I decided to add support for it in my Editor ROM project. If anyone wants to try it feel free. Remember, it only works on the 8296 machine.

If there is interest I could also play with the 8296D machine, which needs slightly different CRTC register settings.