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PET 3032 with SUPER*TOOL

Francesco Messineo
Hi all!
Now that my 3032 is working well, I'm playing around with the
SUPER*TOOL rom expansion to understand what it does. I'm not trying to
disassemble it for the moment, but I've found the following so far:

@   disk commands, error status and commands, as a standard wedge
\     disables autorepeat on keys, no need to press return, it's immediate
&    enables autorepeat on keys, needs return
[     enters TIM, seems the standard one
!    does something, it doesn't give any syntax error, but I can't
figure out what it does
(    goes into lowercase/uppercase mode
)    goes into uppercase/graphic mode
>   returns 0D
<-n (back arrow with a number) always gives device not present error

]    enters a disassembler/memory viewer which responds to the
following commands:

0-9,A-F  enters a memory address to display/disassemble
<space> starts disassemling
run-stop  halts dissassemble
-             disassemble one instruction
return      shows next memory address
<up arrow> shows previous memory address
*             starts executing from the current address
<            enters a mode where all locations appear as containing 0D
(again this 0D)
>            returns to normal location contents
=            exits to basic

That's all for now, if someone wants to experiment with VICE or the
real hardware, please report any new findings :)
Frank IZ8DWF

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