New transformer for CBM 8050

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New transformer for CBM 8050

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All the black smoke, left the transformer of my 8050 drive - so now it does not function.
(or i dare not connect it to the nearest atomic-reactor (read: 230VAC) .......)

The transformer is marked 3200085 and is showed here:

Transformer has 220-230v in and these pins:
4&6 16.5VAC
4&5  8.2VAC
5&6  8.2VAC
7&8 16VAC

Tolerance +- 1.5V

Does anyone know where to get a fitting transformer, i think probably "just" was the
transformer laqour wich burned, as the drive lamps were on, until i pulled the plug,
and there are no burnt parts inside the drive, but the transformer was super hot, and
smelled burned - so my thought is to change the transformator and see if the drive
will run.