Flat C128: VIC and SID circuits and components

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Flat C128: VIC and SID circuits and components

Concerning my NTSC Flat C128 
I need to replace components on 
SID circuits and VIC circuits, there is the C128 service manual would this list 
all these components, like resistors, etc.
The Full Wave Bridge was fried also
And the power regulator (located beside the MMU chip)

I think this is a good place to start but there at be other problems.

I finally bought a Dead Test cartridge for the C128 but that is useless I found with 
a totally dead machine,  I'm hoping after this maybe it will boot enough to finally 
find all the other issues.

Was busy for a time so I'm hoping to get back to this fun revival project, and 
learn more about Electronics, older hardware.

Yes of course all Commodore motherboard circuits are also on Bo's site, these are useful.

I had a hard time trying to figure out on the Full Wave Bridge rectifier traces go on the C128 MB a few of these seem to dive somewhere and hide, any other suggestions on these traces?

One of the Full Wave Bridge Rectifier traces was pulled off, I had to fix that with a jumper wire, but I could follow it okay.

Terry Raymond