C64,C128,C128DCR Diag harness etc

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C64,C128,C128DCR Diag harness etc

Well I finally bought the C64/C128 Diag harness on Ebay
bought the last one they had, barely made it.  :D

Of course this wont help me right now with my Dead C128 not booting.

On further examination I had forgotten I had pulled up a few traces on the 
Full wave Bridge rectifier (top traces on MB) so will have to figure out how to
fix those traces  will affect the power issue, so will take care of that and see
if it finally boots or more issues.

I found the Commodore Diagnostic harness user manual on Bo's website, this
is very helpful in that it has Diagnostic errors and possible IC problems etc.

More fun. :)

Terry Raymond