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5717 spec sheet:parts list 4th gate


In the CMOS 5717 spec sheet (text file)
IN the Parts List section:
The Fourth Gate the Engineer mentions:
Little Rectangles " Latches" 
Is this just 1 single Latch and they do not mention 
what kind of Latch.

I searched on WikiPedia and found: 
SR- Cross wired D-flip flop that looks to have Two states.
The spec sheet says this Latch is either, High or Low, so 
Is the SR D-flip flop function as High or low?

Again, in this spec sheet there is no mention of what kind of Latch is used, just describes Little rectangles as Latches, inputs or outputs that are in High or low states

Anyway the SR D-flip flop is all I can come up with,  Am I correct?

BTW I know there's lots of pics online and Wikipedia I just wanted to confirm what I could find on this subject!

Terry Raymond