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2164A DRAM C128


Hi All,

I had been trying to find info on the 2164A DRAM change needed to use with
Really struck out and did not find anything.

If I heard right is it pin 4 that has to be changed,  was this grounding the pin or
Removing it?

If it's grounded where on the C128 MB can it be grounded etc, but I didn't save the reply
On this pin and I didn't write this down my fault.

Found lots of data sheets on older 8-bit MOS DRAM though.

Heh didn't look very close on this C128 they are the 2164A, on the solder side there were wires
Soldered on where needed, but they came off before I could see their location,
So upon powering up is a black blank screen for both C64\128 40 column modes
Due to the wires coming loose I'm hoping.

I'm investing in C128 dead test and diagnostic cartridge Tim Lewis has these.

The last owner had rough desoldering skills, had to cleanup the leftover flux and
Cleanup the solder areas with desolder wick, inspecting for cut traces.
They had installed 16-sockets looks like solder pads are good.

I didn't see any solder splash or bridges.

I had used a brush to get rid of any solder balls maybe this is how I may have pulled the wires
Off, gee.

Havin a ball :)  but hopefully the wires is why C128 won't power up.

I was thinking maybe it's the PLA but was told the C128 PLA was a lot more reliable.

Anyway I should have taken a picture of the MB too and didn't.  😥

Terry Raymond