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2164 pin alteration


The alteration I received from someone on CBM Hackers, they told me one
pin has to be changed somehow I was thinking they mentioned maybe removing the pin or grounding the pin, etc I'm not at all sure!

BTW I Googled quite a little bit only found spec sheets on the older
8-bit DRAM and businesses that used to sell the older Ram nothing else really until it no longer mentioned older DRAMĀ  maybe I didn't search far enough but by then my
eyes were crossed from searching or I fell asleep from not finding anything helpful.

The existing 2164 DRAM on my 128 again the wires fell off I tried guessing at the wiring but thought maybe I better not try this in fear of frying my RAM chips.

Maybe I misunderstood that happens but I cannot find anything even with
4164 chips having to be jumpered etc, absolutely nothing mentioned.


Terry Raymond